Click on this link below to attend our 8:00 am, Friday April 10
Interfaith Worship Service and Witness via Facebook


You may click on the image below to download a PDF of the Order of Worship.

Join us Good Friday, April 10 at 8:00 am on your electronic device for a virtual worship service, featuring educator, writer and advocate for nonviolent change Ken Butigan, sacred movement led by led by liturgical dancer Carla DeSola, and music by troubadour Daniel Zwickel ben Avrįm.

We ask you to please stay away from the Lab this year, to Shelter in Place and join us with your virtual, loving presence. By engaging in this nonviolent, spiritual practice you will be demonstrating your love by respecting the health and safety of members of our beloved community.

As humanity faces the major threat of the coronavirus,
we safely gather via the internet to call for the end of the threat of nuclear annihilation.

We recommend this thoughtful article by Ken,
Love in the time of coronavirus

Music for the service for download: MorningSong (“Come, Come, Whoever You Are” and “Morning Has Broken”), “Turn Back, O Man,” and “Namaste, Chaverim

Links from 2019:

Good Friday Dance at Lawrence Livermore Lab 2019:

Good Friday at Lawrence Livermore Lab 2019
Native American Prayer:

Good Friday Action at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory 2019:

A Prayer for Disarmament and beautiful art by Kim Vanderheiden, of Pax Christi
Northern California ( Click on the image below

Let us not tire of preaching love: it is the force that will overcome the world. Let us not tire of preaching love.
Though we see that waves of violence succeed in drowning the fire of Christian love, love must win out; it is the only thing that can.
—Archbishop Oscar Romero, July 23, 1978


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EIP's Living Graveyard will be virtual for the foreseeable future.
You are urged to be risk-adverse. It could save your life!

I urge you to call on congress to end all sanctions

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has introduced legislation which  includes congressional  oversight of  US sanctions

US Congressional switchboard: 1-866-338-1015

To read about effects of sanctions, see

We urge you to call your congressperson and ask them to support Omar’s legislation.

We recommend this thoughtful article by our Good Friday speaker, Ken Butigan,  "Love in the time of coronavirus"

        August 6 at Livermore     

We launched our end-of-year Appeal! You may view our letter by clicking HERE.
Downloadable Flier, Click HERE. It's never too late to give.

 Greta Thunberg A Common Word Between Us and You  Links

The coronavirus changes everything. Look to this website for the latest.


Click on the image above to watch Greta Thunberg’s speech
on climate change before the United Nations.
Or you may listen to the mp3: Speech mp3.

A must-read: Time to break the silence on Palestine, by Michelle Alexander. There has been
a sea-change at the New York Times, and Ms. Alexander is a significant bellwether.
To learn more, read here: Israel just “lost Cronkite” the struggle for Palestinian rights at
the New York Times.

A country is not permitted to use military force for purposes of retaliation, vengeance, and punishment.ā€¯Ā¯
(From the United Nations Charter Regarding the Use of Military Force.)

A Common Word was launched on October13th, 2007 as an open letter signed by 138 leading Muslim scholars and intellectuals   to the leaders of the Christian Churches and denominations all over the world. Over the last year since its launch the A Common Word Initiative has become the world’s leading interfaith dialogue initiative between Christians and Muslims specifically, and has achieved historically unprecedented global acceptance and traction¯ as an interfaith theological document.

On Interfaith Dialogue between Muslims and Christians: The Common Word

Links to connect with other prophetic voices:  Christian Peacemaker Teams
East Bay Sanctuary Covenant  ^  Friends of Sabeel  ^  Haiti Action Committee  ^  Haiti Relief  ^  Jewish Voice for Peace
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center  ^  Tikkun  ^  Tri-Valley CAREs

Prophetic Voices Past:  Abe Zwickel  ^  Jean Zwickel  ^  Father Bill  ^  Joan McIntyre   ^  Pastor Lee Williason
Esther Ho  ^  Diane Thomas

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