Taken outside of GMA, August or so.  Thanks to Carl Brush for the pic.

           Here are a couple of great galleries of photos, courtesy of Carolyn Scarr & Carlos Renderos.

           Joan’s Gallery without music;

           Joan’s Gallery kickin’!  (Please have patience if the music takes a bit of time to load — it’s a WAV file.  And if you love the music as I do, you can start it again by clicking on the “refresh” button of your browser, and the slide show continues without recycling back to the beginning.)

            Photos from Carlos, with music (mine!)



This posting courtesy of Daniel ben Avram @ PeaceHost.net

The songs (I hope) you are listening to, In the Quiet Of the Day, & It Seems To Me,
from my Metanoia — a Universalist Mass, may take a few moments to load.
[Personnel:  Mark Tuning, all voices on the intro;
Daniel ben Avram, vocal solo; Walter Bankovitch, piano;
Jerry Cortez, guitar; Curtis Ohlson, bass;
Paul van Wageningen, drums;
David K. Mathews on synth strings, harpsichord & brass.]