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What's New:

Item #1 needs your IMMEDIATE action. Check through the rest of the items as time allows.

          (1) CONGRESSIONAL ACTION ALERT for May 15-23 (Monday through following Tuesday)
          (2) Detailed Critique of the Dept. of Defense Proposal
          (3) Columbus (GA) News Article: An Overview of new Proposal Process
          (4) Thursday, JUNE 1: Next SOAWW MEETING in SAN FRANCISCO
          (5) Strategy Discussion from San Francisco Meeting of May 4
          (6) SOA Protesters and Convicts

To read the full message, please click on: Urgent Action


Call early! Call often! Get others to call!

Capitol Switchboard: 202/224-3121

          ---SUPPORT THE MOAKLEY AMENDMENT to the Defense Authorization Bill.

Latest name proposed for "New SOA" is "Defense Institute for Hemispheric Security Cooperation."

Roberto writes:
          "Warm greetings from this island beseiged, a people of great dignity and a spirit of struggle and sacrifice. Five days after the kidnapping-arrests of hundreds of Viequenses, Puerto Ricans and other members of the civil disobedience camps, our struggle begins a new phase, with new strategies in the context of non violent civil disobedience."

To read the full message, please click on: Kidnapped!

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For Immediate Release –

To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Roman Catholic Bishop Juan Gerardi's assassination by a soldier trained at the U.S. Army's School of the Americas (SOA) in Ft. Benning GA. three activists from the St. Francis Catholic Worker Community in Columbia, Missouri, re-created the bishops murder at the entrance to the SOA training building.

Click on the subject line above to read all about it.

Here's another Op-ed piece from Ed Kinane, forwarded by Mary Manuel, on the IMF/SOA, etc.

"In mid-April all eyes were on Washington, DC. Thousands had converged on DC to blockade the April 16/17 semi-annual meetings of the IMF/World Bank. ... Among [the demonstrators] was the CNY/SOA Watch affinity group made up of about 20 folks from Ithaca and Syracuse."

Check this out. Click on: Ed Kinane's Op-ed Piece

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What is the U.S. Army School of the Americas?

The U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA) at Ft. Benning, Georgia, has trained 60,000 Latin American soldiers. Over its 50-year history, the SOA has truly earned its nickname, "School of Assassins." Graduates of the SOA have committed atrocity after atrocity, including massacres of entire communities, assassinations, rapes, torture and "disappearances."

And just who is SOA Watch's founder & fearless leader?

[Fr. Roy Bourgeois: He's a link to SOAW National.
A click on his mug will take you there!]

Meetings and Activities

All San Francisco meetings are held on Thursdays from 7:00 to 8:30 @ the Unitarian Universalist Center (1st U.U. Church), Franklin at the corner of Geary. (These times refer to San Francisco meetings.)

Local Meetings:
SAN FRANCISCO – SOAW-W meets Thursday, May 4 from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. Unitarian Universalist Center, Franklin at the Corner of Geary.

          1. Introductions
          2. Reports on Activities
                    A. Romero celebrations in El Salvador and San Francisco
                    B. Washington DC Rally and Lobbying
                    C. Close Down the SOA - FAST
          3. June 8, Sentencing Date for SOA 10 (including Charlie Liteky)
          4. Discussion
                    A. Department of Defense Proposal to close the SOA and open the
                        "Military Institute for Security Cooperation in the Americas"
                    B. Proposals for summer activities
          5. Closing Circle
We would appreciate hearing from you if you cannot come.
          Laetitia Bordes
          Karen Klingel
          Judy Liteky
          Dolores Priem
          John Savard, SJ

For Contra Costa meetings, contact Natalie Russell

SAN JOSE–Contact: Larry Lauro

Nine Nov. 99 PROTESTORS FACED JUDGE on Friday, March 10.
(Charlie Liteky does not have a trial date yet.)
Check Webs sites for outcome. (National:

This from Judy (2/15/00):

          "Charlie tells me that arrangements have been made for two [college] debates. I don't know the places or dates.
          [The first is between] Col. Weidner, Commandant of the SOA and Jack Nelson Pallmeyer, author of the book School of Assassins; [the second, between] Col. Wiedner and Fr. Roy.
          Apparently the Colonel agreed to participate when asked by the colleges."


WINTER/SPRING 2000 SOAW Newsletter
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          SOA Watch, P.O. 4566, Washington, DC 20017-0566

          Or use the Web:
          and click on "Current Information".

          (An aside: Following the flurry of activities last November, I just couldn't resist posting a photo, courtesy of the National Catholic Reporter Online, of my friend, Fr. Bill O'Donnell of St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Berkeley (where I am a cantor–no dummies, they; when the Catholics want a good cantor they hire a Jew.) with his good buddy, actor, Martin Sheen, doing their inimitable thing at Ft. Benning, Georgia.


Activities of SOAWW:

Speakers Group
Legislative Group
Media Group
Communications Group
Fundraising Group

Legislative Information

Northern California Goal: Lobby Representatives from 14 Northern California Congressional Districts to co-sponsor and support H.R.732.

Representative & Party Affiliation
This Year
7/30/99 Moakley Amendment to cut training funds
Mike Thompson (D) voted "YES" Member of House Armed Services Committee
Doug Ose (R) voted "NO"
Robert Matsui (D) Co-sponsor 05/05/99 voted "YES"
Lynn Woolsey (D) Co-sponsor 02/23/99 voted "YES"
George Miller (D) Co-sponsor 02/11/99 voted "YES"
Nancy Pelosi (D) Co-sponsor 02/11/99 voted "YES"
Barbara Lee (D) Co-sponsor 05/05/99 voted "YES"
Ellen Tauscher (D) Co-sponsor 06/30/99 voted "YES" Member of House Armed Services Committees
Tom Lantos (D) Co-sponsor 06/17/99 voted "YES"
Pete Stark (D) Co-sponsor 02/24/99 voted "YES"
Anna Eshoo (D) Co-sponsor 02/23/99 voted "YES"
Tom Campbell (R) Co-sponsor 02/11/99 voted "YES"
Zoe Lofgren (D) Co-sponsor 03/03/99 voted "YES"
Sam Farr (D) Co-sponsor 05/05/99 voted "YES"

Contact Persons

[E-mail addresses are being added as I receive permission.]

Contra Costa County Natalie Russell
East Bay TBA
Hollister TBA
Marin County Karen Klingel
Mendocino County Jerry Cox
Peninsula Laetitia Bordes
Sacramento TBA
San Francisco Judy Liteky and Dolores Perez Priem
San Jose Larry Lauro   (408) 294-9224 ex. 207
San Luis Obispo TBA
Santa Cruz TBA
Santa Rosa Alice Waco

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