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School of the Americas Watch – the national website, with more general information.

Ledger-Enquirer Online – has an articles archive about SOAW.

U.S. Army: School of the Americas – their turf!

Let Freedom Ring! September 30, 1999: Philadelphia passes a resolution calling for the closing of the SOA. Has your city?

ASOA: Marco's Anti-School of the America's Page

A D'Aubuisson Link – A March 1994 article based on declassified US documents. Lauren Gilbert, an investigator for the Truth Commission of 1993, summarizes the information about the Salvadoran death squads including important information on Major Roberto D'Aubuisson. D'Aubuisson attended the SOA Communications Officer Course in 1972 in Panama. The main body of evidence points to his role in planning and ordering the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero on March 24, 1980.

Romero Foundation – Home/Mission Statement – Check under Bay Area Local Events for what's happening in San Francisco.

Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero – Religious Task Force on Central America and Mexico in Washington, DC provides information on Romero.

Click here: SOA 9: Photos from Columbus, 3/10/00 The web network has alerted us to these visual statements of commitment and promise by those who gathered in Columbus, GA for the trial of the SOA 9. Pictures include some of the SOA 6 who buried the child's coffin in front of the SOA on the afternoon of 3/10/00. Some of those pictured were able to stay for Charlie Liteky's trial on Monday, 3/13/00.
                    –Judy Liteky

Click here: "School of Assassins" –images from a production of the Minnesota Justice and Peace Street Theatre. This is not to be missed! And thanks to Tom @ for the links (he sent me the above as well.)

Click here: "U.S. protesters call for closing School of the Americas". reports on SOAW Rally at the White House on April 2, 2000.

Minnesota SOA Watch – great new regional 'site!

Click here: Sacrifices for a better world begin at home

Click here: St. John Church of God – check out their Website for postings re Judy & Charlie, and other great stuff as well.

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