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Remember, until Citizens v. United is overturned, Hexadec is a person, and proud of it!

From 55 years of Action to Witness through Nonviolence to  “Shelter Rock—West”,
Hexadec will
invest on the side of Love.

Maybe my powers of communication are less than stellar. Folks seem to find Hexadec a tad bewildering. You may delve into it more in depth below, and through links, but, put simply, Hexadec is a deck of playing cards, with which you may play your favorite games, like solitaire, go fish!, poker, even cribbage and contract bridge. The only practical difference is that Hexadec has six face cards instead of three, and the number cards start at zero and go to nine, instead of ace to ten. Everything else is cosmetic, which is about 90% of the fun! It should be noted that the face card design is gender-neutral, regarding which, there is no up nor down.

Unfortunately, the faces are mono-ethnic (mea cupla), but that will be addressed in the beta design.

Any questions? See below.

Daniel, creator of the whole enchilada

Daniel, Fiddler On the Hoof

My MDUUC Nametag

Hexadec is Unitarian Universalist and proudly
Answers the Call of Love,
and declares that Black Lives Matter.

Hexadec stands with Standing Rock. Water is Life.

The Jean & Abe Zwickel

Hexadec Peace & Justice Foundation

There will be a Hexadec tournament, sometime.
How about this for a trophy (click on the image to view full-size):

Hexadec is a deck of playing cards design on a computer theme – hexadecimal, or base-sixteen. Like the traditional deck, there are number and face cards, plus ancillary cards that are unique to Hexadec. Any card game that is played on the traditional deck (and even some that aren’t!) can be played on Hexadec.

I have adapted games such as Go Fish!, Solitaire, Poker, Blackjack, Hearts and even Cribbage. A Life Master in Contract Bridge created an adaptation for those who are not of the faint of heart.

There is a great deal of humor, in word play, use of computer terminology and in graphics. And the GQ (Geek Quotient) is absolutely off the charts!

I invite you to follow the links below and enter Nerd Central — the hip/retro World of Hexadec:

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