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Dear fellow Bay Area UUs,

My name is Daniel Zwickel and I am working to create a foundation to fund UU and progressive causes, itself funded by sales of a playing card deck I designed called Hexadec. I’m not saying it will be Shelter Rock–West … uh, actually, I’ve been saying just that! My goals are nothing if not lofty.

My bona fides: I am a birthright Jewnitarian, grandson of a Unitarian minister. Actually, as a musician in the Sufi Dances of Universal Peace, I am a Jewfitarian – Jewish on one side, Unitarian on the other and with a soft, gooey Sufi center in the middle. I have been a member of the Mt. Diablo U.U. Church in Walnut Creek since 1976. I was literally born into the civil rights movement, my parents having met while on a civil rights march in 1943. I am a second-generation pacifist and conscientious objector in the grand tradition of Rev. John Haines Holmes, a strong influence on my mother. My first major Action to Witness was to walk 425 miles in a call for unilateral nuclear disarmament at the age of 14 in the summer of 1962, from San Diego to Vallejo. I currently serve on the Boards of Ecumenical Peace Institute (EPI) and War and Law League (WALL) and have committed myself, my music, web design skills and sound system to help shorten the bend of the Rev. Parker’s moral arc. And so the Board of Shelter Rock–West … er, the Hexadec Foundation shall consist of the some of the bright powers of the Bay Area’s peace and justice community. In order to go forward I need to be able to show people what Hexadec looks like on their desk, and to be able to do so I need to leverage my meager inventory of prototypes into a proper box for Hexadec, a truly grand (as in $s) project. I am asking local (within driving distance) UU churches to pledge to purchase them at $32 to $64 a pop. No money up front, just a promise so’s to mollify my friends who are putting up the dough to make it so.

Please let me know, and I’ll keep you apprised of our progress via e-mail. Soon I’ll plan a get-together so you can experience Hexadec hands-on.

Peace & w/hexadecimalaciy,
Daniel Zwickel
October 14, 2017

P.S. Hexadec has its own theme song! Listen to it

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