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We are:

The Connect the Dots for Justice Book Project is dedicated to creating compelling high quality, beautifully illustrated children’s fiction with social justice themes. Our books explore how children and adults acting in solidarity with others address forms of injustice many experience daily—hunger and homelessness, racist abuses of power such as police profiling and murder, the assault on the humanity of people who challenge the rigid gender binary and other forms of institutional violence.  The stories show that another world is possible and that all of can help bring that world into being.  The stories are told from the perspectives of children and young people, particularly those whose experiences are underrepresented in current children’s and young adult fiction. We tell stories of young people who come to  understand root causes of injustice and act in ways that address these injustices both personally and politically.

We are parents, teachers, organizers, nannies and artists committed to creating a more just and joyous world. In an era when wealthy members of the corporate order dictate public school curriculum by financing and supporting high-stakes standardized testing, our stories offer alternative and liberating knowledge. We meet bi-monthly in Oakland and welcome new members. If you would like to join email us at connectthedotsforjustice@gmail.com.

Please support our upcoming Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help us publish and distribute these books. You can pre-order books for yourself and donate books to schools in your community. We have included a synopsis of and an illustration from each book. We welcome your feedback and comments. Please visit, like and share our Facebook page. Thank you for visiting our website.