As a Beduin girl; in European guise; as the patron saint Mexico, the image of Mother Mary abounds. Though “Abuela Jean,” as my mother was know throughout the greater Puerto Rican community, for her advocacy on behalf of their independence from colonial rule, was no saint, many within her beloved community would aver that she richly earned that sobriquet. And she was beloved.

I begin with a paean to her, each letter in her name, JEAN, represented by a note, to form a cascading melody, then on to two of my compositions on the traditional Catholic prayer, Ave Maria, between which, as an intro to Hail Mary, is a tone row piece based on the letters in the word
“THANKSGIVING.” For we give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy.

This is dedicated to my mother, Jean Cameron Wiley Zwickel on this Mother’s Day, 2020

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G*D knows, I loved/love my father, and even memorialized him in song. Twice, if you count the interior, Hebrew piece in Sing To the Heart! This Dynamic Duo made a wonderful team, my father out vigiling with his Drum, my mother, at home writing articles and keeping the books, supporting him in every way.

But when I succumbed to pressure from friends to write a book about them, and I began by sketching their adventures, where my father may have been more visible, my mother's impact was enormous. Please bear in mind that this is just a sketch, a work in progress. But rather than working on it and polishing it further and never really getting it done, I will present it here, so that you may better know my mother. You may download “Jean and Dr. Abe.”

A Man and his Drum get Arrested; Rev. Earl Johnson, Moi, David Hartsough, and the Dynamic Duo; my father with Martin on his beret. Click on the image to view full-size