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Barbara Erickson


June 16, 1956

September 10, 2002

How did this angelic young priest, at left, become this wanted man, at right, heading off to the federal penitentiary? The O'D Web Site will try to answer this question and shed light on the remarkable life of Father Bill O'Donnell. It will grow by increments and will include some of his life history and many of his musings on life, faith, justice, God and human kind. It will, we hope, also include contributions from those of you who know the O'D from the farm, seminary, parish, picket line or jail.
Please check in from time to time to read the latest chapter on The O'D Web Site, and please send your stories about Father Bill and your additions, comments and corrections concerning what you read here to our email, along with a phone number or some other way to get in touch with you.


Chapter 3: St. Joseph the Worker

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