the Frank S.C. Wicks Correspondence Page

While searching the Internet I found a reference to correspondence with Uncle Frank among the papers of a Rev. Dr. David Rhys Williams in Special Collections in the Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester.  I found the Rev. Dr. Williams to be such a remarkable person that I copied the bio from the Webpage.  I obtained a copy of a letter sent to Uncle Frank, which is herein transcribed.  You may enjoy reading about him; it lends weight to the sentiments expressed in the letter, and the regard in which the Rev. Dr. held my grandfather.  You may go to that bio sketch by clicking on the University logo below:

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April 17, 1938
Dr. Frank S. Wicks,
Indianapolis, Indiana,

Dear Dr. Wicks:

       I am thankful for this opportunity to tell what I think of you.  Blessed be occasions, otherwise some debts of gratitude would never be acknowledged.

      It seems to me at this distance, that no one in our Fellowship incarnates more of the finer ideals of our liberal faith than you.  At any rate, as I think of you I think of such virtues as - informed and considered citizenship - sustained devotion to righteous causes - painstaking scholarship - intellectual integrity - democratic friendliness - the eloquence of deeds - the tolerant and understanding spirit - modesty - a saving sense of humor - and last, but not least, a radiant countenance.  What a rich experience must have been yours!  What an inspiration to the rest of us!

       Never shall I forget the generous welcome which you gave me when I entered the Unitarian Fellowship, nor the timely support which you provided by stopping off at Rochester and speaking for me during the first month of my ministry here.

       With best wishes and sincere admiration,

Faithfully yours,