This is the Future Home of
the official Webpage of
the Rev. Dr. Frank S.C. Wicks,
All Souls Unitarian Church,
Indianapolis, Indiana

We are presently ...

But we hope to be underway soon.

            My name is Daniel Zwickel.  I am a professional musician living in the San Francisco Bay area.  The man I grew up hearing of as Uncle Frank was one of the notable Unitarian preachers of the first half of the twentieth century, know and respected throughout the midwest.  For close to three decades he served as pastor to the All Souls Unitarian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and though many of his sermons were published, his 1914 "Good Men In Hell" survives as a classic, going through over forty printings well into the sixties.

            I am officially taking it upon myself to create a virtual home for his sermons, photographs, biographical sketches, even some personal letters.  It will take me some time to accomplish this, so bear with me.  More than that, please, those of you who have any information about him or any memorabilia that could be scanned, let me know.  Become part of the Frank Wicks Project (aren't you really  glad his name wasn't Blair!)  He was a remarkable man and deserves to be recognized and honored.

            The letters page has a very interesting entry already, but the other two buttons just go to temporary pages, set up to run when I get something together to go there.  The E-mail link is open for business, so feel free to let me know you're there, and what you may have to share.  In fact, I've set up a Guest Book as well, for your convenience.

            Yours in peace,
                    Nephew Daniel

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