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National Network On Cuba
PO Box 225303
San Francisco, California 94122-5303
Phone/Fax 415-566-8560

August, 2001

Dear Members and friends of the NNOC,

            We bring you Summer greetings of solidarity and appreciation for all of the great work that our members and friends are doing to normalize relations between the US and Cuba.  This letter is being sent electronically to all of the folks on our e-mail list and by snail mail to NNOC members to invite you to our next meeting of the NNOC membership and friends in the town of Fairfax, north of San Francisco in Marin County, California, October  19-21, 2001 as well as to share some of the exciting work that we all are doing.

            Details about the travel logistics are enclosed at the end of this letter.  For NNOC members who also receive this via snail mail, please also find an updated copy of the NNOC Contact List and Membership Directory as well as a copy of the just-released double issue of the RESIST Fund Newsletter (July-August, 2001) on Organizing for New US/Cuba Relations featuring articles by historian Jane Franklin, Mavis Anderson of the Latin American Working Group, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Cuban American Alliance Education Fund, US-Cuba Sister Cities Association, US/Cuba Labor Exchange, Building A US Women's Movement for Cuba and more!  We have also enclosed a copy of your membership dues status for this year.  If you haven't joined the NNOC and would like membership information, please contact the NNOC at the address above.  We are also enclosing a copy of the minutes of the NNOC meeting held in Tampa, Florida, February, 2001.

            Some of the exciting activities scheduled for the NNOC meeting in Richmond, California, on October 19-21, include Network-wide strategy sessions led by the NNOC Working Groups on Travel and Legislation, Latin American School of Medicine, Free the Five! (Cuban political prisoners in the US) and the FTAA.  There will be reports on Cuba from the Cuba Interests Section representatives as well as an informal gathering with them on Friday evening, October 19th.  Saturday night, October 20th will feature a presentation by Cuban cultural icon and revolutionary leader Consuelo Elba Alvarez on One Hundred Years of Cuban Women and a preview by the Black Radical Congress and Jericho on the upcoming conference on the status of international Political Prisoners in Havana scheduled for late March, 2002 as well as a presentation about the Cuban 5.  We invite suggestions for
agenda items for the October meeting from NNOC members; please send them in no later than September, 15th.

            We will also be holding elections for the five Co-Chairs of the NNOC at the October meeting.  Materials for the membership to nominate and on the election process are also enclosed with the mailing.

            We have seen gains on the legislative, direct action, advocacy and popular education fronts from our work to change US policy toward Cuba.  This is the meeting to consolidate those gains and take them further through
coordinated movement-building activity and networking at this critical time.  Please join us in Fairfax, California, and share this with those who are interested and working toward a peaceful and just US policy with Cuba.

            In closing, we want to share and rededicate ourselves to the NNOC mission: NATIONAL NETWORK ON CUBA is working together to end the US blockade of Cuba.  Founded in 1991, the National Network on Cuba is a network of more than eighty organizational members and individual associate members working to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba.  We meet twice yearly in different parts of the United States to share a vision and develop strategies and resources. We have created working groups on travel, legislation and participated in timely campaigns such as the return of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba, the Latin America School of Medicine scholarships for US-based young people and the FTAA.  We publish a member directory, share information by email, regular
mail and website.  Network members are very diverse -- ranging from small Cuba-specific local committees to international multi-issue organizations --all working to change US policy toward Cuba.

            We uphold and defend the right of the Cuban people to determine their own destiny and to freely pursue their own social, economic and cultural development.  We believe the Cuban people have a right to
self-determination and national sovereignty.  We share the belief that by working together we can work more powerfully to build a movement to end the U.S. government blockade of Cuba.

            Again, your support of the work of the National Network on Cuba is appreciated and needed more than ever.  We look forward to seeing you in October!!

In solidarity,

Tatia Ash, Patsy Behrend, Ignacio Meneses, Marilyn McKenna, Jan Strout
NNOC Co-chairs

Enclosures - NNOC Contact List and Membership Directory
                     NNOC Election information
                     NNOC Meeting in Tampa, February, 2001 Minutes
                     RESIST Fund Newsletter: "Organizing for New US/Cuba Policy"

NNOC Meeting   October 19-21, 2001   Fairfax, California

October 19 Friday 6 PM to 9 PM
October 20  Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM
October 21 Sunday 9 AM to 1 PM
Cost $25.00 - 50.00 Registration  (sliding scale)
Where:  Town of Fairfax, California Women's Club

Hotels Available:

15 Broadway, Fairfax, CA
(415) 455-8702
From $120.00 dbl.
3 blocks away
4 Bay View, San Rafael
(415) 457-3993
From $100.00 dbl.
Aprox. 4 miles from Fairfax
339 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo
(800) 598-9771
$89.00 dbl
Aprox. 3 miles from Fairfax
1600 Lincoln Ave., San Rafael
(888) 845-5246
$85.00 dbl
Aprox. 5 ½  miles from Fairfax
737 E. Francisco Blvd., San Rafael
(415) 453-3450
$79.00 dbl.
Aprox. 7 miles from Fairfax
865 E. Francisco Blvd., San Rafael
(415) 454-9470
$75.00 dbl.
Aprox 7 miles from Farifax
855 E. Francisco Blvd., San Rafael
(415) 456-8620,
$69.00 dbl.
Aprox 7 miles from Fairfax

Golden Gate Bus transportation ($1.50) from all hotels to Fairfax; buses run regularly.
Aprox. Cab fare to hotels and Fairfax $7 TO $9 (may have $2.00-off coupons.)

You can fly into Oakland or San Francisco and there is Marin County Airport Shuttle; or from Oakland, San Rafael Shuttle aprox. $14.00 one-way.

Fairfax is aprox. 45 min. from San Francisco by bus or by car.
Many rental car agencys in SFO or Oakland airports.

Fairfax is a small town and many of its residents are in solidarity with Cuba.  The Mayor and some city council members are very interested in becoming a Sister City  Many of Marifax residents bhave traveled to Cuba..

It also has aprox. 20 restaurants or coffee houses and great clubs with breat music (jazz to raggae)  all within
3 minutes walk from the Women's Club.

There is also a Hot Tub place around the corner.

Any questions regarding these logistics, please feel free to call on Bobbie or Placido Salazar, (415) 488-4119, or E-mail

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