Once upon a time a world class cyclist had to choose between representing his county in the Tour de France, and coming to America.  The Tour’s loss was Pittsburg’s gain.

Guillermo Muñiz left Guadalajara in the late 1960s to eventually become the proprietor of, arguably, the best-known Mexican restaurant in America (just ask any Major League baseball player!)

From working two full-time jobs—at the local cannery and at the original Mecca—Guillermo has gone on to purchase the Mecca, open his own New Mecca at its present location and become the caterer of choice to the Oakland Athletics (bet you didn’t know their full name), the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, and the MLB All-Star Games when they were in The City (’84) and in Oakland (’87)! Recently renovated, with its beautiful copper ceiling, it has only increased its charm. It remains a mecca, a destination for South-of-the-border home cooking here in our own PIttsburg.


Dear friends of the Mecca,

With the passing of Pittsburg's Favorite Adopted Son, Guillermo, on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23, an era has passed.

Our hearts go out to the Muñiz family and wish them strength and healing, that they may know what a treasure and a blessing Guillermo has been to all our lives, that his spirit will dwell in our hearts  — and our stomachs!

Guillermo, que Dios te bendig
a y te mantenga en la paz de Sus brazos por la eternidad.

Guillermo Muñiz, ¡presente!

The Rosary and Memorial Mass at Church of the Good Shepherd were beautiful, as was the burial at Holy Cross. Beautiful music, heart-felt and moving reminiscences served to remind us all how immeasurably Guillermo enriched all our lives. 
Nuestro hermano, descanse en paz.

You may read further about Guillermo in the East Bay Times.

Daniel, Guillermo’s guitarist of many years, invites you to listen to his jazz peace mass he composed, a truly unique work, a balm for a world profoundly in need of healing,“Missa Cantata Tikkun Olam.”


Celebration for Guillermo!   1st Grand Opening Photos

Watch our New New Mecca Grand Opening Slideshow!
(Out thanks to Karen Gaskin of Strategic Real Estate Services, for being there with her camera!)

Sunday, October 4, 2015 Guillermo was inducted into the Pittsburg Entertainment & Arts Hall of Fame. Guillermo, ¡felicitaciones!

    [Click on the image below for a write-up on Guillermo and his friend Johnny Steele]

I generally joke that the reason we gringos celebrate Cinco de Mayo is because we can’t pronounce dieciseis de septiembre. Perhaps we are subconsciously validating historians who argue that France was really trying to break up the Union. You may wish to read Wikipedia on the subject. Click on: La batalla de Puebla. ¡Salud!

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