To Heaven, From Earth

What does it mean, "To go to Heaven"?
It's not something I am assured of, certainly.
It's not something I seek or hope or work for.
It's not something I want ...
Wanting is lacking; what do I lack?
All that is good, all that is Godly, is here.

If I try thinking of what I could do "In Heaven",
I see I can do it here.

Well, I would like to talk with Our Lady, just for a minute
And say thanks, you know —
Yet I can tell her thanks now ...
And well, it would be great to entreat God for people in need
And know God would hear —
Yet I know God hears me now ...

No more troubles or worries?
I don't want to stop growing or learning;
How could that be Heaven?
And if I were "In Heaven" right now
There surely still would be troubles here.
And the "Beatific Vision" —
Don't I long to "see God"?
How can I yearn for the unimaginable?
Anything I know that I term Longing
Feels to me like that I term Love.

But if Heaven is what God chooses for us
Then Oh Yes I take with joy what God gives,
Whatever it is.
But if ever I act for hope of Heaven or fear of its loss,
I will find Hell and mourn forevermore.

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