Letter regarding Molly Ivins

I enjoy the chicken sandwiches, pies, muffins, etc. at a local eatery, but I donít like hamburgers. Still, I would never consider asking, let alone insisting, that they stop serving hamburgers because some of us find them offensive.

One of the joys and advantages of reading a newspaper, vs. TV or radio, is not being forced to read everything, but still having variety to choose from. The wide variety possible in print with a free press is one of the options we treasure as Americans!

Matt Jacobs (12/25/02) and some others want to limit freedom of the press to exclude editorial page items that they find offensive. ĎThinking readersí are surely not afraid of other reasoned opinions. I personally find Molly Ivins interesting, well-written, and well-reasoned, and I myself saw her article on Kissinger as angry, not hateful, and fact-based, not insane. Mr. Jacobs may think her conclusions are wrong, and thatís OK, but itís good to know what controversy exists Ė itís knowledge essential to a free society.

Restaurants and newspapers best serve their customers by what they offer, not what they donít offer.

Janet Foldvary
1920 Cedar St.
Berkeley, CA 94709-2030

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