What Is EPI / CALC?

Ecumenical Peace Institute began during the war against Vietnam with counter-recruitment actions by clergy and lay people at the Oakland Armed Forces Induction Center. We have remained explicitly multiracial, interfaith, and activist. We have continued to play a key role in many struggles by bringing in the religious left.

Among the issues we work on are: nuclear weapons with a particular focus on our "neighbor" the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab; racial justice including supporting affirmative action and defending Native American rights for both communities and individuals; economic imperialism the impact on people abroad and in the U.S.

We have maintained a focus on the inter-related issues of racism, militarism, and materialism, providing a context for education, reflection, and non-violent action. We make a particular effort to make clear the connection between the issues, and work in coalition with issue-specific organizations.

We seek to answer the call to change systems which create and perpetuate misery for most of the world's people, joining to build a community of justice locally and world-wide.


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