Good Friday Chatter

08:03:08     From  Jim Haber : What a lovely group of people!

08:04:10     From  Diana : I love the music!

08:04:12     From  Grant Bakewell : Great to see everyone again!  Can we get a copy of this, either text or video, when over?  Blessings and Peace to all+

08:06:22     From  MJ : Thanks everyone for joining in!

08:06:54     From  Ivan : Good morning everyone!  Wow!  64 participants on the ZOOM session.

08:09:15     From  Haley Brown : Hi, nice to see you all

08:09:34     From  Jim Haber : If you find it distracting, ignore it. You can toggle it showing and not showing with the "chat" button.

08:09:35     From  Mary White : Hi Everyone,

08:09:56     From  Holly Ford : Thank you Carl for being at the Lab!    Jon

08:10:59     From  Mary White : My partner Jerry sears, who is sick with radiation, is watching.  He was a 17 year old navy recruit sent to the marshal islands in 1958 to monitor the 30 atomic blasts.

08:11:15     From  Jim Haber : I usually laugh on the phone from 8 to 8:20 with a laughter party on the phone. if it looks like I

08:11:24     From  Jean Reynolds : So nice to join this without driving to Livermore.

08:11:28     From  Jim Haber : 'm laughing, I am, but not at nuclear weapons.

08:11:56     From  Grant Bakewell : To Mark outside: looks like Arthur Polan's nuclear cross is behind you.  Where might I find a similar print for our church?  Thanks:

08:13:15     From  Grant Bakewell : Looks like "mark outside" is none other than Carl Anderson!  Hope to talk further soon.  Thanks for being there!!!

08:29:45     From  Ivan : Bravo Daniel!

08:37:37     From  Daniel Zwickel : Thank you, Fr. Ivan!

08:40:36     From  Haley Brown : Well said! Thank you

08:40:41     From  Jon Oldfather : Loved that presentation

08:41:01     From  Jon Oldfather : Thank you Carl!

08:43:22     From  Jon Oldfather : Peace to you as well.

08:57:31     From  Ivan : great quotes

09:19:16     From  Jim Haber : Blessed be.

09:19:36     From  Diana : Inspiring message...peace to my sisters and brothers

09:19:44     From  Haley Brown : And siblings

09:19:48     From  Nancy Taylor : THANK YOU, KEN!

09:20:05     From  Marylia Kelley : Good morning everyone. Blessings. My internet was completely down. So happy to be able to join you now.

09:20:55     From  Jackie Cabasso : Anonymous nuclear bombing reported! Please everyone, ALWAYS say The US ATOMIC BOMBINGS OF HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI!

09:21:10     From  Grant Bakewell : Welcome Marylia!  Can we get a video copy, or transcript of Ken's message?  Very grateful for his review and history.  Thank you!

09:22:53     From  Jon Oldfather : Thanks Tony for taking it outside!

09:25:06     From  Carolyn Scarr : EPI  Post box 9334  zip  94709

09:25:32     From  Jim Haber : Next year, may Palestinians be free in Jerusalem!

09:25:36     From  MJ : You can donate through Paypal as well. Donate to

09:25:39     From  Haley Brown : Thank you for the inspiring message. You’re right; we can’t just return to normal because to many, normal means poverty, bigotry, and pain. Some may say “it isn’t happening to me, so I do not care.” Let us say “it is because it is happening to you, to anyone, that I must care.”

09:26:46     From  MJ : EPI address: PO Box 9334 Berkeley CA 94709

09:27:59     From  Ivan : Amen

09:29:23     From  Meg Bowerman : Prayers for Rosemary Brennan (holding the banner last year) and all suffering chronic and/or acute illness

09:30:21     From  Daniel Zwickel : Thanks again, Fr. Ivan. I composed it upon being asked to sing at a gathering of Palestinians and Jews -- and had no idea what songs to sing. So I wrote one.

09:31:04     From  Sherri Maurin - SF : Thank you Meg.  And love from Louie Vitale who does not have the technology to join but sends greetings and prayers to all of you

09:31:05     From  David Hartsough : Sending love and greetings to all dear friends who have been witnessing for an end to all nuclear weapons for all these years!  WE SHALL OVERCOME!

09:31:27     From  Grant Bakewell : So good to see and remember Fr. Louie.  Prayers for him and all of you going up daily.

09:32:09     From  Sherri Maurin - SF : Remembering Martin Sheen standing up and saying "As President of the US I order the closing of these labs"    Wish that were so

09:32:50     From  Juliet Spohn Twomey : Thanks to all who have faithfully gathered all these years, I send you love and hope for a great turning.

09:40:11     From  Nancy Taylor : Thank you, Mark and Carl for being out at the lab!

09:40:24     From  Nancy Taylor : Thank you to technicians!

09:41:12     From  Marilyn Bechtel : Thanks to everyone who made this beautiful observance possible!

09:41:21     From  Jackie Cabasso : Very moving and very effective virtual witness. Congratulations to the planners!

09:41:53     From  Wynd Kaufmyn : I'm feeling especially appreciative of Carolyn's steadfast faith and work. THANK YOU CAROLYN.

09:41:57     From  Juliet Spohn Twomey : Thanks to all for making this happen today and always

09:42:11     From  Haley Brown : Thank you all once again!

09:42:12     From  Ivan : Thank you everyone!!  Great gathering

09:42:23     From  Sarah Smith : Thank you for sharing this gathering with us. Peace!

09:42:27     From  Vivian Zelaya : Carolyn You were so right Ken Butigan was so right! viv

09:42:42     From  Tom Luce : Thanks so much to everyone for this wonderful service!  Peace!

09:43:04     From  Lyn : Peace all.


09:43:46     From  Lyn : can we have copy of sermon?

09:44:23     From  Lyn : Thank you

09:45:15     From  Grant Bakewell : Looking forward to posting.  Blessed Easter day. By God's amazing grace, we shall overcome!