“Like a tree that’s planted by the water ....”

“Empire and the Cross:
Sowing the Seeds of Hope”

Good Friday 2016 Interfaith Service
Audio recordings
Tony Scarr, recording engineer
Daniel B. Zwickel, editor

[This is probably obvious, but you may listen to the tracks
by clicking on either the title or the photo.]

There were two songs we sang without obtaining permission to post, so here are links their websites: Los Guaraguao and Sweet Honey In the Rock, with YouTube videos below:


Track #1: “[Morningsong]” — Silvia


Track #2: Honoring the Land and the Ancestors — Patricia


Track #3: Welcome — Janet


Track #4: Invocation — Zahra


Track #5: Responsive Readings


Track #6: Update — Marylia


Track #7: “We Shall Not Be Moved” with Daniel and Silvia


Track #8: Words of Inspiration from Isaiah and Berta Cáceras


Track #9: Guest Speaker — Pastor Julian, Marshall Islands


Track #10: “Empire and the Cross” Rev. Deborah


Track #11: Song for Berta by Silvia — Recording with Francisco Herrera on Guitar,
live with Silvia and Daniel


Track #12: “God Bless the Grass” by Malvina Reynolds — Daniel and the Gathering
Words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright © 1964 by Schroder Music Company
Renewed 1992. Thank you, Nancy! (Nancy is Malvina's daughter.)


Track #13: Offertory Tony


Track #14: Benediction Rabbi Lynn


Track #15: Closing Music “No basta rezar” — Daniel and Silvia