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11.14.99, Atlanta Journal-constitution, by Richard Whitt
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  • Army Hero Turned Activist Headed to Prison for Trespassing/Vet says protest against military school has been an ‘act of conscience’
  • Article, 6/9/00, S.F. Chronicle, by Michael Taylor. Also: Links to other articles, plus a press release re the sentencing of the SOA 10.

  • Sacrifices for a better world begin at home
  • Article, 7/23/2000, Sunday S.F. Chronicle, by Stephanie Salter.

  • Letter to the Editor
  • Letters, 7/31/00, S.F. Chronicle, from Krissy McGivney & Guy Tiphane

  • Subject: Lompoc
    Date:     Thu, 3 Aug 2000 00:19:08 EDT
    From:     Judy & Charlie
  • WED NIGHT: Just got a phone call from Charlie at the Lompoc Federal Prison Camp. In response to my query about things, he replied, "Never had it so good," in a cheery tone of voice. Arrangements so far include an upper bunk, a supply of Metamucil, and assignment to several hours of "carpentry" work around the place on weekdays. I am grateful for the call.

    A WORD ABOUT MONDAY: It was a graced day thanks to everyone's prayers and good thoughts. Twelve of us gathered under a spreading oak tree at La Purisima State Park around noon. We had time for sharing. Charlie asked us to pray that he keep a spirit of joy and of calm for the entry and during the time in Lompoc. We had time for hugs. A caravan of five cars drove to the designated entry point and Charlie got out and went through the Big Door.

    Mailing address:

              Charles Liteky
              # 83276-020
              FPC Lompoc
              3705 W. Farm Road
              Lompoc, CA 93436

    About the Channel 2 segment: Bob Mackenzie told me that he had a 5 minute segment ready but the producer cut it to 2 minutes because there were so many stories on Monday night.

    With gratitude for each of you, Judy and Charlie

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  • Aug. 15, 2000, Catholic News Service, By Sharon Abercrombie

  • Charlie's Medal of Honor story
  • Other articles, some duplication, but well worth checking out. Great photo of Charlie and dog.
    Neil Mishalov's Website. I urge you to visit it as well. Impressive.

  • "Charlie's Challenges of Nonviolence – Letters from Lompoc"
  • August 2 (Second full day of sentence); 8/9/00, 9:15 p.m. (Top Bunk In Alpha Unit)

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    New battles to fight

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