Say NO to:

  • Participating in immoral, illegal wars**
  • Following illegal orders
  • Taking part in war crimes
  • Using force against oppressed peoples
  • Violating civil rights at home or abroad
  • Killing people without just cause

Say YES to:

  • Upholding international (and U.S.) law**
  • Defending the Constitution of the U.S.
  • Thinking and learning for yourself
  • Refusing all illegal orders
  • Finding the courage to do the right thing
  • Refusing to kill for a lie, for oil, or for power

THIS WEBSITE is dedicated to providing information to Soldiers* and their families about their legal rights and responsibilities when they are faced with being sent to war.
It is inspired by those Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airpersons who are obeying international law and refusing to fight in illegal wars or to follow illegal orders to commit war crimes.

Soldier, Say No is the website of Right To Resist, a network of former soldiers and war resisters working to support the war resisters of today. 

Gerry Condon, a former Green Beret who refused to fight in Vietnam, is responsible for the information on this website.  For feedback, suggestions, corrections or inclusions, please write to Gerry at

Soldier, Say No seeks to rally support for safe havens for U.S. war resisters in Canada and other countries, and for amnesty from persecution in the United States.

Soldier, Say No provides links to::

  • Counseling resources to help soldiers and their families consider their options
  • International law and the laws of war
  • Testimony from Iraq war veterans
  • U.S. war resisters in Canada
  • Conscientious Objectors in prison
  • How you can support war resisters

*By using the word "Soldier," we mean also to include Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Airwomen ("Airpersons"?). We also mean to include their families, their friends and the society as a whole. 

Military personnel are on the cutting edge
of U.S. foreign policy, so they have special responsibilities under international law. But we all have the responsibility to see that our nation acts according to internationally accepted standards of human behavior.

Camilo Mejia is free!
Amnesty International
"Prisoner of Conscience"

Support Pablo Paredes
Navy Petty Officer Refused Orders to Iraq
and applied for Conscientious Objector status.

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“Jeremy Hinzman & Brandon Hughey: Leading the Way for US War Resisters in Canada
– by Gerry Condon. 
Downloadable by clicking on:

“U.S. War Objectors Are Seeking Sanctuary In Canada:  What Will Be Their Fate?”

– by Gerry Condon. 
Downloadable by clicking on:

War Resister Support Campaign in Canada


**The Nuremberg Principles, established at the Nazi trials after World War II, declare that it is the right and responsibility of individual soldiers to refuse to follow illegal orders or to participate in war crimes.

The Geneva Conventions of War define a legal war as one that is undertaken as a last resort in the legitimate self-defense of a nation, and has the support of the international community of nations. It also defines what kind of weapons may be legitimately employed in war, and how civilian populations and captured soldiers should be treated during wartime.

The U.N. Handbook on Refugees calls on countries to provide refuge to soldiers "who refuse to participate in wars widely condemned by the international community as contrary to accepted standards of human behavior."

Soldier, Say No provides links (see Links page) to websites where you can learn more about these international laws and conventions, which were ratified by the U.S. Congress, thus making them U.S. law.