Dear supporters of School of the Americas Watch ó West,

I have long been active in opposition to the WHISC/SOA,  I set this Website up and have hosted it for years.  I have several dozen Websites at, some for peace & justice organizations, some of my own.  As much as I wish to, I cannot get very involved in content for most of them Ė I simply lack the time.

I have tutored a number of folks in maintaining their own Websites; I continue to accept updates for the numerous ísites that I maintain, and they all make it pretty easy for me.

I have frequently been swamped, and my ísites have suffered neglect.  Some recovered; some fell by the wayside, where I received little or no support (Iím not talking monetary support.  I do all of this on a volunteer basis.)  I put out a plea for help, and if none is forthcoming, the Website usually lay fallow.  The last time I cried for help on this one was more than a year ago.  I even offered to set up  ísites for the East Bay and the Contra Costa chapters, and got not response.

I asked, and received no indication that anyone was even coming to the site (I should have put up a counter, but I didnít.)

Well, Iíll give it another try.  If thereís anyone out there who is interested, Iíd love to see this become a vibrant, working Website.  Anyone willing to help with content, let me know.  Anyone wanting a sub-regional Website, tell me.

Meanwhile, I'll do the best I can, starting with the latest update, and adding a link to a song I composed in memory of the six Jesuit priests & their co-workers, called ďLagrimasĒ.


Daniel Zwickel ben Avram