A song for our Nature Boy.... (Please give it time to download. Otherwise it starts & stops ... & starts again. Sorry 'bout that.)

By the way, there is also a lovely video with Nat King Cole and his trio. I set it up on an alternate page, so if you would like to view it, click HERE.

P.S. ...

A Note from YHW (Your Humble Webscribe):

As you know, I was unable to make it to the celebration  of Worth’s life. After being play by the Universe like a yo-yo, I was nearly on my way via Amtrak when a young person felt her life was worthless and became another tragic statistic in a string of East Bay suicides-by-Amtrak. By the time the train was released, it was so far behind that, having missed the service itself entirely, I would (may) have scarsely had time to visit for a few minutes before turning around and heading back.

I was certainly there in spirit.

I’ve since learned that my CD was played at the service (thanks! It was a real adventure getting it done at the last minute – almost literally.) If you did not hear it, or wish to revisit it, there is a music clip control panel toward the bottom of this page. Just that track (at the bottom it appears in a medly with two others) can be heard, along with written remarks of mine, via a link on the next page.


I just heard from Karn(that she would like this website kept up, so it will be around. So do not hesitate to send me content. In fact, I’d like a description of the service for those (like me! – and Jocelyn Back East) who were unable to attend. If you can, save, or ‘publish’ it, from your WordPerfect or Word program as an HTML Web document. That will save me a step and a bit of time formatting.

If any of you are interested in my music, or the elctronic book I'm working on about the life of my remarkable parents (they met on a civil rights march in 1943 and continued the Good Fight until they took the Long Sleep and left me trying to live up to their legacy), email me and I'll be happy to send you information

I’ll leave you with the track as it appears on my CD, with a preceding meditation, “In the Quiet Of the Day”. The vocal intro is a melody based on the letters of my mother, Jean’s name. For you musicians, I extended the scale to accommodate the J (C2)and the N (G2). It came out sounding pretty cool, I think.

    “Jean / In the Quiet Of the Day / It Seems To Me”

Peace out,

Daniel Zwickel ben Avram MacJean

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