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Welcome to the Fast for Justice & Peace in Vieques, Puerto Rico: An Appeal to the Conscience of President Clinton to Meet with Religious & Peace Movement Leaders of Vieques.

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Andrés Thomas Conteris, Washington, DC member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean and lay missioner with the United Methodist Church, began a water-only, open-ended fast on August 14, 2000 as a plea to President Clinton to meet personally with religious and peace leaders of Vieques who seek a permanent cessation to the bombing of the island.

A rotating fast began in Vieques and Washington, DC on July 25 with over 50 participants from the United Methodist Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Alliance of Vieques Women, the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, and others. This fast continues with a vigil at the entrance to the bombing range at the Peace and Justice Camp outside of Camp Garcia.

Also on July 25, over a dozen people began a rotating fast with the same goal around the U.S. Andrés Thomas Conteris began a round-the-clock juice fast at that time and after 20 days on juices started the water-only fast on Aug 14, the day that massive bombing of Vieques recommenced.

Clinton has met numerous times with U.S. Navy officials who advocate bombing Vieques. He refuses to meet with people of faith and conscience pleading for an end to the bombing.

This list will update the progress of the fast and provide information about the September 22, 2000 nonviolent protest action in front of the White House. We hope to build momentum for a massive turnout of people who support Demilitarization of Vieques, Decontamination of all military toxics, Devolution of land forcibly expropriated and Development of Vieques' economy.

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[About the map at the top – I know it can take forever to load if you have a slow modem, but please go back and take a look when it's all there. It's a beautiful island, filled with beautiful people. I've been there; I have friends there. Take what that map represents and hold it in your hearts and prayers.]
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