Dedicated to information concerning the liberation of the "Ilsa Nena", the sister island to Puerto Rico of Vieques, from the U.S. Navy.

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In 1898, shortly after it had been granted autonomy by Spain after 400 years of colonial rule, the sovereign nation of Puerto Rico was illegally invaded by the United States.

Since 1938, the U.S. Navy has been acquiring land in Vieques by expropriation. The Navy controls 26,000 of the Island's 33,000 acres.

In April 19, 1999 two F-18 airplanes threw two bombs, 500 pounds each, outside their target area and killed David Sanes, a Vieques civilian, and injured four others, including one soldier.

This is the backdrop for the historical event that is now taking place, a non-violent uprising of a soverign people against the might of the United States military.

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I truly believe that this is the beginning of the end of U.S. colonial rule in the Caribbean. You may receive E-mail dispatches from Robert Rabin and Nilda Medina of the Comité Pro Rescate y Dessarrollo de Vieques Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques) by contacting the CRDV and asking to be on their E-mailing list.

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