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We are united in:

  • Healthcare being a Human Right
  • Our support for a Single Payer System
  • Healthcare not Warfare! (While basic human needs and services go begging, the military gets a blank check.)
  • End health care rationing by wealth

Thank you for visiting us, and for your support for Healthcare Justice for All!

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Let’s write ourselves an anthem, and here’s a start:

We Choose Life!” (PDF format)

Rogues Gallery

Here are a few of us in the trenches at U.S. Congressman George Miller’s office, September 1st, Concord, California


UFHJ & Friends at Oct 17, 09 SF Mobilization Against
War, Occupation & Injustice


Patients Not Profits sit-in for 'Medicare for All' SF Oct 28, 2009


Action Alerts / What’s New

 Nationwide Healthcare Sit-ins
    Bay Area:
Mobilize for Healthcare for All.

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 Our next gathering:  Round Table Pizza, 2960 Treat Boulevard @ Oak Grove, Concord, 5-7 pm., Sunday May 16

If you believe that affordable health care for all in America is worth fighting for, then join us at United for Healthcare Justice today and your voice will be heard!

    SB810   California Legislature has twice passed a state-level single payer bill, "The California Universal Healthcare Act" in 2006 and again in 2008.  Both times, Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger vetoed the bill.  SB810 is again set for legislative hearings in 2009.

    Single Payer U.S. House bill HR676 "New Expanded Medicare"

    • Every resident of the US will be covered from birth to death.
    • No more pre-existing conditions to be excluded from coverage.
    • No more expensive deductibles or co-pays.
    • All prescription medications will be covered.
    • All dental and eye care will be included.
    • Mental health and substance abuse care will be fully covered.
    • Long term and nursing home services will be included.
    • You will always choose your own doctors and hospitals.
    • Costs of coverage will be assessed on a sliding scale basis.
    • Tremendously simplified system of medical administration.
    • Total portability – your coverage not tied to any job or location.
    • Existing Medicare benefits for those over 65 will be vastly improved.
    • No corporate bureaucrat will ever come between you and your Doctor to deny your care.
    • New system will be a lot less expensive and provide much better services than the expensive, complicated, insane and dysfunctional system currently in place

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