Inspired by
    When the Thrill is Gone
    a Column by Shawn Hubler

    L.A. Times columnist Shawn Hubler wrote a disturbing and perceptive commentary, titled When the Thrill Is Gone on gun fetish as a form of pornography.

    In an almost throwaway remark she added addiction to the many natures of gun fetish (“Guns hook those souls who are secretly afraid that they might be weak, and who despise weakness, and who can’t feel right without something to quell that shame-soaked sense of being lesser. Guns are a vice, and vice is its own punishment,” she concludes.)

    I am not really a visual artist, but I try my hand from time to time. When I posted Ms. Hubler’s column on my Pacifist Nation website, I created this illustration, which can almost be regarded as a stand-alone ‘pictorial essay’, blurring the line between a shooting gallery and a … well, shooting gallery.