Well, here it is, almost 2014, and this shit continues unabated. If you like the photo of the drone I picked a year-&-a-half ago, well, so does the Guardian! Thanks to Tikkun for another fine and perceptive piece written by someone who’s been there and drone … er, done that. “I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on.” Indeed. Read.

“Oh, give me a home free of USA drones,
where the Afghani people all pray,
Where seldom is heard a compassionate word
From the Creechers who bomb us all day.”

The U.S. government has been increasingly carrying out drone strikes in countries with which America is not at war, and killing people with drone strikes who have no dispute with the United States. Last week, the Washington Post reported that the CIA had asked for authority to expand its drone strike campaign in Yemen by launching strikes even when it does not know the identities of those who could be killed. [Emphasis mine] Such “signature strikes” allow the CIA to hit targets based solely on intelligence indicating patterns of “suspicious behavior.”

Dear [Newsweek] Editor,

We are a nation of cowards, attacking a nation that did nothing to us, and with no risk for ourselves. We are not even attacking people who are necessarily shooting us. Instead, we kill innocent civilians under the pretext of preempting possible attacks against us, with no proof that those attacks are imminent, only a suspicion. It is profiling in its most egregious form, killing bystanders with impunity, destroying lives and families and hopes and dreams, and with no regret or apology, done by teenagers sitting in air-conditioned comfort thousands of miles away as if playing video games. Cowards, all.

For shame, President Obama.

We are monsters, and I weep for my country.

Daniel Zwickel ben Avram
1975 Willow Pass Road
Bay Point, California 94565
(925) 439-7638

Beale Air Force Base Vigil Photos and July action

There has been an anti-drone vigil at Beale Air Force Base (north of Sacramento - Beale Air Force Base, N Beale Rd, Beale Afb, CA 95903) for past 19 months. Join us again Monday-Tuesday July 30-31! Some come for afternoon vigil for base shift change and evening peace circle and potluck. Usually 10-15 camp out overnight in front of main gate. Possible arrangements for nearby housing or sharing motel for non campers! We then greet large morning shift as they arrive to work from 5am to 9am. Military personnel and civilians run a quarter mile gauntlet of signs banners and vigilers with flyer hand outs near main gate. We have vigiled at as many of three of the bases gates at the same time. I have been to past three vigils and post some pictures. http://www.flickr.com/photos/baypointcommunity/collections/72157629986955170/

For carpool and other information:

Michael E. Kerr
(925) 219-6518

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