Doesn't she look like a princess?  This is the budding young violaist's 2005 Garrett Elementary photo, six years old and in the first grade.

Before she was born I was composing what became a triptych of piano miniatures, and so I dedicated the suite to her.

Here is "Three Miniatures For Megan Ashley Brown". Dig it!

—Uncle Danny

    [You're listening to my friends, Walter Bankovitch on piano, (Ray Charles alum) Curtis Ohlson on bass, Paul Van Wagoningen on drums, and featuring my good bud', Eddie Pasternak on guitar (yes, what you think is a voice is actually a synth guitar patch!) Curtis produced the session as well, while wicked phat Latin jazz guitarist, Ray Obiedo engineered it in his Werewolf Studio in San Leandro, California, somewhen between Mays 2007 & '08.]