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Marjorie Lynne Wagner attended School of Visual Arts and Hofstra University where she received her degree in art education and teaching certification. She has taught art at Emeryville Senior Center for eight years. She resides in both the San Francisco Bay Area and in Moab, Utah. Moab is where she creates environmental art by painting endangered species and photographing nature. Her sculpture and poem “Do Not Eat the Yellow Cake” exposing the dangers of nuclear waste received widespread international press coverage. She has been featured in Alameda Magazine’s “Best of Alameda” and has been in many group art shows in the Bay Area. She recently received a grant from a local women’s group to write a book of poetry, photographs, and paintings about the plight of America’s Wild Horses. She also shows her award-winning Gypsy Stallion, “All Star,” ACE.


“I am an environmental artist specializing in painting, photography and poetry. My series, ‘’Endangered & Threatened Species’ is ongoing, with the current state of wildlife destruction worldwide causing 150 species to become extinct every day. While creating sustainable habitat landscaping in the red rock desert of Utah, my passion for visual arts was re-ignited by painting original landscapes. I lived in an isolated high desert community with nature—coyotes, owls, eagles, hawks, and mountain lions, often the subject of my work. My love of America’s Wild Horses led me to become an animal advocate, working against horses abuse. My Facebook page, America Horse Survival Net, has 150,000 views per week. For this work, I recently received a grant to write a book combining poetry and horse photography from a Bay Area women’s group.”




M A R J O R I E   L Y N N E

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