Thank you for having purchased my CD, “Metanoia — a Universalist Mass”

“Metanoia — a Universalist Mass” has been continually growing, even during the first recording sessions. A second set of sessions produced expanded orchestration and additional tracks.

As I then had more music than would fit on a single disk, I was in a quandry. I had even changed the sequence of the songs, so the lovely booklet I had produced was not obsolete.

After a good deal of experimentation, producing spectacularly ugly results, I finally realized that I need to step back. So I now burn the CDs with the original music, in the original sequence – with one exception. The new version included a song for my father, which was on the same track as “Imagine / Sing to the Heart!” So you will not find the lyrics in the booklet, but they occur elsewhere, as you shall find.

I would like for you to enjoy all the new tracks, so here they are in downloadable form. Additionally, you may listen to “Metanoia” in its full form, and new version, which includes a short story of mine, “Misa Universalista for el Pueblo”, all by simply going to the Jazz Sacra home page.

Welcome to Jazz Sacra, and enjoy!

Daniel Zwickel ben Avrám MacJean
Bay Point, California