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From “Metanoia – a Universalist Mass”:

“In the Quiet Of the Day”

    In the quiet of the day, the call of our passion we obey;
    Look within in contemplation of God’s grace.

    In the quiet of the day, let the light of compassion lead the way;
    Look within in contemplation of God’s face ....

    In the quiet of the day.

“ It Seems To Me”

    It seems to me that you and I could change the world together;
    We could make it better by being truly who we are.
    It seems to me, together, we could learn to love a stranger,
    Nullify the danger that confronts us near and far.

    It seems to me, if we could see the wounds that must be healed,
    We’d move our hearts to yield the compassion that they bear.
    It seem to me the earth could be a garden filled with laughter,
    To blossom ever after with a beauty all could share.

      At night I dream, and in my dream above the hills I’m flying;
      Tears of joy I’m crying from the depth of love I feel.
      As I descend a hand I lend to one whose fingers fashion
      Understanding and compassion, with a touch that surely heals.

    Yet, in the end I find, my friend, ‘tis you, my sister/brother.
    We find in each other strength we need to carry on.
    For in your eyes I realize the joy I find in living.
    Now, in wonder and thanksgiving I arise to greet the dawn!

    Peace and love be with you all;
    Grace divine bestow upon you
    As you go forth to live and to serve in truth.


    Baruch ata Adonai Eloheinu melech haolam. [Blessed art Thou, O Lord, sovereign of all Creation]

    Dona nobis pacem. [Grant us peace]

    Asalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh [May the peace of Allah descend upon you, and His Mercy and Blessings.]

    Dona nobis pacem,!

    Grant us grace and abundant peace. Amen.
    Shalom, salaam, mir, peace.


[In the Quiet Of the Day: Intro, Mark Tuning, all vocals; Daniel ben Avrám, vocal solo; Walter Bankovitch, piano; David K. Matthews, Yamaha Motif synthesizer; Jerry Cortez, guitar; Curtis Ohlson, electric bass; Paul Van Wageningen, drums.

It Seems To Me: Daniel ben Avrám, solo; Walter Bankovitch, piano; David K. Matthews, synthesizer; Curtis Ohlson, electric bass; Paul Van Wageningen, drums. Angie Doctor, Eric Freeman, Jim Hale, John Paddock, Stephen Saxon and Katy Stephan, background vocals.

Ascension: Steven Saxon, all vocals; Dr. Salvatore Ferrentelli, piano; David K. Mathews, synthesizer.

All compositions and arrangements by Daniel ben Avrám, Executive Producer; Curtis Ohlson and Daniel ben Avrám, Co-Producers, engineered by Curtis Ohlson at Ohlsonic Studios, Oakland California, some time between May 25th & July 14th, 2005 (initial sessions), and between May 25, 2007 and May Day, 2008. (Eugene Debs, ¡Presente!), orchestration and mixing. ]

Copyright © 2010 by Daniel B. Zwickel