Good Friday

This Tax Day — What doth the Lord Require of Thee?

Here are links to photos and videos, including a low-res for older computers.
Thanks Mark Coplan!:
Good Friday at LLNL 2022 Video:

Good Friday at LLNL 2022 (Low Resolution:

Good Friday at LLNL 2022 in audio form: GF@LLNL-2022_Audio.mp3

Here are video samplers of each individual piece of the program, as individuals might want to share their part with their own communities, family and friends, as well as your websites and social media.


Good Friday Betsy Rose's Music and Reflections:
Good Friday Isabella Zizi Honoring the Land:
Good Friday Invocation Farha Andrabi Navaid:
Good Friday Nuclear Update Marylia Kelley:
Good Friday Carl's Reflections and Sacred Dance:
Good Friday Father Ivan Tou:
Good Friday Reading by Pastor Max and Wynd:
Good Friday Cinco siglos igual: 
Good Friday Homily Rev Allison Tanner:
Good Friday Manifiesto de Victor Jara:
Good Friday Symbolic Redistribution of Our Taxes:
Good Friday Benediction Jim Haber:

As Webmaster, I wield some discretionary power, which I shall exercise here. I am the composer of Songs of Micha, employed in the sacred dance. Due to technical problems, the music was obscured in some places, so I'd like to offer it again here, and including my Beatitudes. Songs of Micah / Beatitudes / Allelujah






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