the Mulukukú Video

  • Subject: Mulukukú Video
    Date:      Sat, 25 Aug 2001
    From:     Jill Winegardner


        The Women's Empowerment Network is proud to announce that our video depicting the Women's Center in Mulukuku and Dorothy's recent struggles to resist deportation is ready and available.

        This excellent 22-minute video was filmed in Mulukukú and Managua earlier this year (2001) by two of Nicaragua's best videographers.  It depicts the work of the Maria Luisa Ortiz Women's Center in Mulukukú.  And, through interviews and live action footage, it tells the dramatic story of Dorothy Granada's successful resistance to President Alemán's attempts to deport her and close down the Women's Clinic.

        The video is available in Spanish or with English voiceover.  After the very end of the English version, there is an additional 2˝ minute segment with Dorothy speaking in English.

        We are requesting a $15.00 donation to cover the costs of the video.  If you would like to order the video, please respond to this e-mail and be sure to include your name and street address, number of videos requested, and English or Spanish preference.  We'll include an invoice in the package.


    · Dorothy's tour.  If Dorothy will be touring again, you could use the video as part of the presentation.  E-mail us about any upcoming tours at

    · House party fundraisers.  Invite a few friends over for a special showing of this video in your own living room.  Ask them to bring their check books as you plan to make a pitch afterwards.  This could be a relatively easy way to educate people about this important work and to get them involved.

    · Classroom presentations.  The 22-minute length of the video makes it ideal for showing in a classroom setting, be it high school, college, or medical school.  Enough time will be left over afterwards for some valuable discussion.

    · Church meetings.  You know when and how this would work best in your church.

    · Television and Cable TV.  This is a high quality video and would be appropriate to show on television, including cable access TV.  Contact local programmers who might be interested.  The Women's Empowerment Network has "broadcast quality" copies of the video in a variety of appropriate formats.

    · Point out the website.  Included with contact information at the end of the video is this Website.   Those who want more information should be encouraged to visit here, where they will also have an opportunity to make a donation on-line.

        This video should make it easy to raise funds for the Women's Center in Mulukukú.

        Tax deductible donations can be made out to / and sent to:

Women's Empowerment Network, P.O. Box 7652, Olympia, WA  98507

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