Dorothy's Gallery

Friends, here is the beginnings of a photo gallery of Dorothy. Just click on the thumbnails of the second two to see them in their original size (sorry, the first is the original size!) More to come. Enjoy!

 Dorothy greets supporters in Managua
after winning legal victory and emerging
from two months in hiding (dateline
9 febrero, 2001 - Managua) 
 Receiving the International
Pfeffer Peace Prize for 1997
   Dorothy with friend at
Women's Clinic in

            To download and/or print out print-quality copies, just click on the photos above.  These are in a format known as JPEG which is compatible with HTML and should be easily accessible to all.  For those who have a publishing program that can handle TIFF files (at 200 dpi, a higher resolution than JPEG), please right click on the icons next to the photo titles below (don't worry that you cannot see the photos, just follow the instructions) to capture and print these. Note: on my Netscape 3.0 Browser, right-clicking only gives me a "view", not a "save" option, but that will download the image for you.

This procedure doesn't seem to work with everyone's browser – sorry.  You may E-mail me and I can E-mail them to you.

Dorothy receiving the Pfeffer Prize:  
Dorothy & friend:  

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