Lois, sketched by Kimberley Jones

The quotations accompaning the sketches are believed to be from Maria-Theresa Duncan, one of Isadora’s adopted daughters, the six nicknamed “the Isadorables”. Maria-Theresa went on to be the most famous Duncan dancer after Isadora died. She danced at the White House, and was the only one of the six who incorporated drama in her dance.


I believe art is inseparable from religion. The sacred and profane, stand side by side with equal aesthetic consideration. It follows that all of my work is dually directed to God and the heart, mind, eyes and soul of the viewer. To quote Maria-Theresa Duncan “Our dance is religion, we just don’t say so.”

In Duncan Classical dance we do not create steps, or dance to the music, we dance the music itself. The technique is sublimated, disguised by simplicity and natural based movement. To quote the seminal conductor Sergio Celibedacie “Rehearse the inner meaning of the music and text.”

Dance is a man’s work and worthy of consideration as a vehicle or path of life.

Virtuosity and technique taken alone are bankrupt. They are part of dance but not the apex of the triangle. My art eschews the au courant in favour of the timeless and universal. The Duncan technique can be transmitted like any major school of dance.

During this period of cultural and moral decline, my art successfully retains its poetic purity. My dance reflects my ideal of a radiant world ruled by truth, beauty, strength-in-grace, love, Classical music and the transcendental world of the spirit. The elements consist of the lyrical, emotional, a vocabulary of free movement, and subtly variant shades of character transition,“To Dance Is To Live” —Isadora Duncan narrative and construct. My work unfolds along a path of flowing spatial development, based on the Duncan principles of the curve and the notion of never ending wave movements of light, sound and energy.”

    “To Dance Is To Live” —Isadora Duncan

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