A Gift of Music for New Year's Day
Music for New Year's Day

Dear Friends  and Music Fans,

You did it!
Welcome to 2021! 

You made it through one hell of a year, and maybe you're feeling some optimism for a better year for everyone.
I've had a tradition of sending out music on New Year's Day, and as we slowly emerge from this remarkable time, I definitely wanted to keep the constancy of that tradition.
So click here for my New Year's gift for you  

Then please come back and read the back story!

Here's the Back Story:

"Watercolor " is a piece of music I wrote soon after turning sixteen. I didnít write another piece of music for a good...let me do the calculations here...oh yeah -  close to 40 years.
And here's another forty year chasm: I had a neighborhood friend in Baltimore whom I'd lost track of after junior high. We managed to reconnect a few years ago, after I'd already seen his breathtaking nature photography. My friend, Bruce Savadow, is a photographer with an extraordinary eye who lives in Seattle. https://www.facebook.com/bruce.savadow  (You've seen some  of his work in my newsletters, and those are his photos above and below).

A few years ago I rediscovered and recorded "Watercolor " and wondered if there was a way to put our art together. It hit me that this particular piece of music and Bruce's photography were made for each other, as Bruce has a fascination with water imagery. 
So we began to construct something and then had the usual life interruptions...someone from Oakland even misplaced the original outline and files for the project, and several more years passed. Honestly, I was not sure that we could bring this little project off the back burner, but we did.

I like to think that sometimes what appears to be an interruption, or a terrible hiatus, is really just dormancy in disguise.

Please enjoy "Watercolor" 
And Happy New Year to you!

In gratitude, 

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