Our CCPAS Piano Composers Concert with
David Thomas Roberts and Paul Hansen went terrifically!

And now we have a new piece by Paul, a videographically illustrated
Piano Concerto in three movements. You may listen to/view it HERE.

presented Piano Composers Group Holiday Concert

Saturday, December 11. 2021 at 7:00 pm
St. P
aul’s Episcopal Church, 1924 Trinity Ave, Walnut Creek

Please note the current COVID guidelines of St. Paul’s: proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test
is required to enter the venue. Pews will be marked and designated for seating and also for creating space
between people for safer distancing. All performers and audience members must wear a face mask

Our Group:

Composer group performers (left to right) Ted Holmes, David Erskine, Dwight Stone,
David Thomas Robert, Paul Hansen, Annie Nalezny, Mary Ellen Callahan,
Bruce Nalezny and Christopher Johnson (Photos by Sheryl Lawry)

We held another ‘flash mob,’ Broadway Plaza in the Creek,
Thursday, September 9th, 2021, an hour-&-a-half of music and dancing!
Photos by Christopher Johnson (click on photocollage to view full-size).



[Click on photocollage to view full size.]
The Painted Pianos were back in Walnut Creek! In the Downtown area were several grand and vertical pianos
with fanciful and creative paint jobs that have been placed on sidewalks and in plazas for the public to enjoy. In September and October of 2019, the Jazz Piano Artists and Piano Composers mixed it up with
two Flash Mob performance events in Broadway Plaza. It was a lot of fun, lots of folks paused and listened,
and I have been looking forward to doing this again. Today we had our Flash Mob.

Mary Fineman was there, as was Dwight Stone, and Jennie Landfield, with Ira Feldman and Hank Holmes
from CCPAS Jazz. Our own Christopher Johnson, of course, made it all happen. We enjoyed originals, covers
and, naturally, some free improvisation (and I remember when you had to pay for it!).



 Walnut Creek Downtown Association is keen on this idea and inviting us to perform at
two other piano venues soon. Join us next time!

You may watch our wonderful concert all over again, or if you missed its broadcast.
You may invite your friends, as well:

Concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulRAdUv3o4c&feature=youtu.be

PDF Program to download


Flier Download

 CCPAS is excited to announce that we have our own channel on YouTube!
By subscribing to our channel at this link, you can view any concerts we have on our channel,
and will also be notified of any new content and upcoming events.

Our February 7 concert was a great success! (L-R): Mei Sun Li, Tanya Heeb, David Thomas Roberts,
Christopher Johnson, Lauren de Boer, Ted Holmes, Mary Fineman, Jennie Landfield,
Paul Hansen, Dick Bertrand, Dwight Stone and Marcello Severo

Great concert last night!

[You may download a PDF flier by clicking on the jpeg image below:]

“3 Miniatures for Megan Ashley Brown”
by Daniel Zwickel ben Avrám

We had a terrific concert last night. For a finale, Jennie Langfield and Ted Holmes on piano and Dwight Stone on Organ did a fabulous impromptu improv. (Photo by Mei Sun Li)

[Click on the flier below and you may download a PDF]

Bravo/brava! to our wonderful composers for a beautiful concert
(photo by Marilyn Matson).

Dick, Dwight, Nika, Ted, Mary, Dave E., David T.R., Christopher & Mei Sun

The following changes were made to the program below: Dwight will follow “Fantasia on Emmanuel” with “Gesu Bambino,” then close with “Virtual Tinsel” and “Infant Holy.“ You may download the program PDF by clicking on the image.

Justin Levitt, founder of CCPAS Piano Composers, Manager of Steinway Piano Gallery, Walnut Creek arranged with the City of Walnut Creek to place 8-10 grand and vertical pianos in strategic public pedestrian thoroughfares September 9--October 18. They have been festively painted. This is similar to the events in Golden Gate Park, and now in Danville.

Information: Beyond the Creek; PDF map.

   Christopher at the Grand; An unknown console.

   Justin Levitt and David Glass, with audience; A cold refreshing Wit beer goes down easy after
   an hour plus of sunny side of the street playing!

   Phoenix playing, corner of N. Main & Civic, with Mei Sun attending; Mei Sun, Mary and Larry
   enjoy a lunch.

   A Yamaha near Justin's Steinway Store; This was the only grand Christopher saw that day, a
   Brambach. He did emergency repair on the A6 before playing for his hour
clunky pedal and
   delayed damping. The full sun may do a number on the tuning, but it’s a blast and a half,
   pedestrians and motorists waiting at the light enjoy the serenade! Thanks Justin!!


Christopher “Clockwork Orange” Johnson

Event:  Composers ‘flash mob’.
Where:  Broadway Plaza shopping mall, Walnut Creek (large plaza next to Macy’s.
When: 10/4/19 Friday from 5:30-6:30 pm.
Who:  CCPAS Piano Composers, Arrangers, Improvisers.
How:  Each performer plays one piece then lets the next performer play,
and so on until the hour is up. What to bring: Chic, funny, classy outfit or 🎩 hat + folding chair(s) as seating
in the Plaza is limited and we want passers-by to sit and listen by creating a circle around us.

With apologies, captioning is, as yet, incomplete.

     1238                                                                            Doug McKechnie

     Hank Homes

   1249                                                                              Christopher

 1234                                                                                1243

   3348                                                                          Christopher          

Dick Bertrand

P.S. You get extra points if you can figure this one out:

Bonus Track:

I am a Jew and, as mentioned, was a Cantor in a Catholic church for sixteen years.
So as I was arranging a setting for the traditional “Hail Mary,” I just couldn’t resist
inserting another traditional Hebrew prayer, the Shehecheyanu. Here it is: