> 911 Reward!

BE THE FIRST PERSON to prove to my reasonable satisfaction that the United States Government (with Corporate Media as co-conspirators) didn't manage & cover-up 911. I will give you $100K using my home equity.

Do you still believe the U.S. Government/Corporate Media story about 911? If you do, this should be an easy $100K. After all your beliefs are backed by the U.S. Government and promoted as true by the vast powerful corporate media. Haven't they thoroughly examined & investigated the events surrounding 911 already? They wouldn't lie would they?

I am 100% convinced that our U.S. Government managed and directed 911 in conjunction with various persons/groups outside the official government. That the mainstream Corporate Media has joined to cover-up the truth about 911. 911 has been used deliberately and falsely as an excuse to perpetrate countless evil acts & laws on individuals,organizations, other countries and the American people these past 6 years.

The specific individuals involved are guilty of the greatest acts of treason imaginable and it is my hope that they will be brought to justice before it is too late for all of us!

Clearly, I am not stating that everyone or even most people in the US Government or Corporate media are directly involved. Many people have been duped or gone along because to believe or act otherwise is beyond their comprehension and/or courage.

Yet many people have stood up! Many people, sometimes at great sacrifice, have investigated 911 without the help of their government and mainstream media! I believe what they have discovered!

I am using this website to provide some of the questions that need to be answered. I will post for all to see all responses to my challenge. A challenge that at this time, I consider an impossible task! For my peace of mind, I hope someone can prove me wrong!

I have provided and will continue to update an easy to use information directory, so that you can quickly review many of the facts, research, analysis, and statements of others who were witnesses and/or investigators of the events of 911.

I hope that with the opportunity to win $100k, you will finally take the time to educate yourself & others about what really happened September 11th 2001. If you agree that our government and corporate media have lied to us, or as I believe directed the events of 911, then let me know! Let all your friends/ relatives know about this $100k reward!

If you are still not convinced, I challenge you to prove otherwise! Or just admit that you no longer believe in a compassionate America of Peace, Justice, Human Rights, and Liberty for all. That you no longer believe in a government Of the People, For the People and By the People. That you just blindly support the terrorists & traitors running our government & corporate media!
To begin, review information above and contact me at: MEK911Reward@Yahoo.com.

Michael E. Kerr

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